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Professionalism, respect & directness

Your Journey


Consultation and Examination

Upon meeting Dr Snijman, you will immediately be impressed by his professionalism, respect and directness.

He will endeavour to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during the consultation process, whilst obtaining the details of your requests and your general state of health.

Following which you will be directed to the examination room where he will perform the necessary assessment and measurements if required.

Preoperative photography will then be performed, whereupon Dr Snijman will guide you through his assessment and what you can expect from the desired procedure.  

Second Consultation

It is very rare for Dr Snijman to operate after one preoperative consultation and he will invariably bring you back for a second chat ( free of charge ) prior to any decisions being made.

Dr Snijman is always available thereafter to answer any of your questions and concerns,  thus ensuring a well educated, consented and prepared patient.  

Procedure Day

On the day of the procudure, his personal assistant would have secured a bed for you in the clinic, and the admission process should be seamless and stress free.

You will see Dr Snijman prior to the procedure where he will discuss the operative procedure once more, his concerns and yours and will then proceed to the markings. You will then be assessed by his highly qualified team and prepared for the theatre.

During the procedure your family and loved ones will be constantly updated as to the progress and will be greeted by Dr Snijman after the procedure. 

Post operative pack and instructions

Postoperatively Dr Snijman will see you in the recovery room and in the Ward later on in the day.

He will discharge you the next day with your post operative pack and a set of instructions and he will usually see you on Day 5 post procedure for a wound inspection and to commence with scar therapy.

He will then consult with you weekly thereafter until both you and he are satisfied with the progress.

Practical tips in preparing for your journey

My aim is to make your experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

To this end, complications and untoward post operative sequelae have a habit of tainting the journey.

It is therefore vital that you optimize yourself to the best of your ability to prevent these unwanted occurrences.

  • Plan your diary and apply for adequate leave.
  • Plan your support system and home care.
  • Plan your groceries and shopping.
  • Plan for transport to and from the clinic.
  • Have a parenting or care program for your children.
  • Prepare and explain to your children.

Lifestyle Modification

  • No smoking.
  • No recreational drugs/ mind altering substances.
  • Limit or stop alcohol intake.
  • Limit sun exposure.
  • Stop all over the counter medications.
  • Stop all supplements.
  • Avoid Garlic, Ginger, Red Wine, Chilies, Gingko Baloba.
  • Discuss your usual medications with Chris.

The Highest Level of Patient Care

Dr Chris Snijman is a skilled Plastic Surgeon in Johannesburg and consults from the exclusive Morningside Mediclinic and Sandhurst Eye Clinic, both premier facilities in the heart of Sandton.

What You Can Expect In The Early Recovery Phase?

The recovery from any intervention is dependant upon :-

  • Nature of the procedure
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Region and number of sites modified
  • Preoperative management of expectations and patient preparation
  • Adherence to post operative instructions
  • The individual

For most cosmetic procedures you will have to curtail your normal activities of daily living and social exposure, particularly if you are a little self conscious and haven’t informed friends, family or colleagues of your intentions.

It therefore behoves you to plan for sufficient time before you reintegrate yourself back into normal life. IT DOESN’T BENEFIT YOU IN ANY WAY TO TRY TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS and potentially jeopardize  the final result.


For most procedures the first 48 to 72 hours is when you will experience the most bruising, swelling and discomfort, following which there is an improvement and you are well on your way to recovery. These symptoms are easily managed with your POST PROCEDURE PACK and remember, that Dr Snijman is always available should you have any concerns.

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Surgical Journey

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Surgical Journey