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Crisalix Virtual Aesthetics

How to book a Crisalix Session?

Book a consultation with Chris

You can take photos in the comfort of your home or Dr Snijman can take photos during your consultation.

There is a cost associated with the preparation of “before and after” 3D image renders of your face and/or body. These 3D renders will be quoted during your online or in-person consult – please contact us for more details.

Dr Chris Snijman can provide you with 3D imaging for all types of cosmetic procedures.

See the result of your desired surgery

Following your consultation, you can sign-in to the Crisalix online portal for free to access your 3D renders to visualize your face or body in the privacy of your home. Discuss your simulated “before and after” 3D images with those closest to you to help you make the right decision.

3D body simulation example

3D face simulation example

See your new look before cosmetic surgery with 3D Imaging.

Contact us today to discuss your options and our fees.

Working with Dr Chris Snijman, you can discover your new you during a 3D Consultation.

  • 5Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc?
  • 5Want a natural result?
  • 5Wondering how you will look after surgery?
  • 5Want to look like a specific celebrity?

    * Results and outcomes of surgery do vary from person to person. Please refer to my Disclaimer.

    Remote Consultations

    We now offer secure and confidential 3D remote consultations.

    Dr Chris Snijman is one of the first cosmetic surgeons in South Africa to offer Crisalix 3D imaging technology as part of his standard patient consultation process.

    Body Procedures

    Face Procedures

    Surgical Journey

    Body Procedures

    Face Procedures

    Surgical Journey