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Reshaping the breast

Breast Lift / Mastopexy

    Mastopexy is procedure for raising sagging breasts by repositioning the nipple areola complex, removes excess skin and reshapes the breast.

    There are many reasons for sagginess (Ptosis)
    of the breast:

    • Natural ageing of the breast/ gravity
    • Post breast feeding
    • Post massive weight loss
    • Pregnancy
    • Post previous implant removal

    The Breast Lift is one of the more popular procedures in Dr Snijman’s practice.

    This is a procedure designed for ladies who are happy with the size of their breasts but discontent with the shape and sagginess.

    Essentially it is a similar procedure to the breast reduction but only repositions the nipple areola complex, removes excess skin and reshapes the breast.

    Simulation of Breast Procedures

    • Breast enlargement
    • Breast reduction
    • Mastopexy / Breast lift
    • Saline / Silicone implants *
    • Asymmetric simulations
    • Implants Revision
    • Scars
    • Breast reconstruction
    • Fat transfer


    In most instances your surgery will follow these general guidelines:

    • 5Preoperative planning and surgical marking will be performed on the day of the surgery and confirmed with you
    • 5An incision is made around the nipple areola complex, vertically down to the inframammary fold and then horizontally beneath the breast at the level of the new desired fold, if required
    • 5Often times the lower horizontal incision can be shortened or discarded altogether
    • 5Skin is then removed around the nipple areola complex and that part of the breast that will remain behind to keep the nipple areola complex alive
    • 5The breast tissue is then remodelled to achieve the desired shape and projection
    • 5Bleeding is controlled
    • 5Drains will be inserted and usually removed the following day
    • 5The nipple areola complex is then moved into its’ new position
    • 5All incisions are then closed with meticulous buried sutures
    • 5Tapes, dressings and a post operative support garment will then be applied

    The Recovery Phase

    • One overnight stay in hospital
    • Drain removal the following day
    • Discharge with antibiotics and pain medication
    • Post operative visit and dressing change on Day 5
    • Initiate scar therapy on Day 5
    • Resume driving and walking on Day 5
    • 7-10 days away from work
    • No arms above the head for 7 days
    • 6 weeks away from strenuous exercise
    • Monthly post operative visits until you and Dr Snijman are satisfied

    Remote Consultations

    We are now offering secure and confidential 3D remote consultations.

    What Can You Expect?

    • Discomfort rather than pain
    • Fatigue for the first week
    • Swelling for 3 weeks
    • Difficulty in sleeping comfortably for the first week
    • The breasts will start to settle at about 3 weeks
    • Sensation will start to return by 3 weeks
    • Wounds will be closed by 10 days and at their maximum irritability by 6 weeks
    • The breasts will assume a more natural shape and 3 months is usually a good indicator of the final result
    • Scars will mature and fade over 9 months to a year

    Post Operative Complications & Sequelae

    • Bleeding (one or both breasts may enlarge and become extremely tender)
    • Permanent loss of sensation (nerve damage)
    • Loss of the nipple areola complex (inadequate blood supply)
    • Wound breakdown
    • Abnormal scarring
    • Asymmetry
    • Patient dissatisfaction
    * Results may vary from patient to patient. Please refer to my Disclaimer for more information.

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