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Breast Reduction

    A breast reduction by definition is the surgical removal of excess breast tissue and skin, with repositioning and resizing of a low lying nipple areola complex and reshaping of the breast mound.

    Some of the common presenting complaints include:

    • Cyclical and non cyclical breast pain
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Lower back pain
    • Shoulder strap pain
    • Headaches
    • Numbness in the hands
    • Excessive sweating between and underneath the breasts
    • Recurrent yeast infections underneath the breasts ( intertrigo )
    • Poor posture
    • Poor self image and low self esteem
    • Difficulty in exercising
    • Difficulty in finding correctly fitting bras and clothing

    Breast Reduction is serious surgery, performed under general anaesthesia.

    Large breasts can be an extreme hinderance to a lady’s normal daily functioning, and all prospective patients, without exception, have a functional complaint.

    It therefore seems quite obvious that most of these complaints are functional in nature and many of these patients have spent an inordinate amount of time and money on Physiotherapy, Biokinetics and Rehabilitation.

    Unfortunately Medical Aid Funders have been extremely reticent to provide any form of financial remuneration for the required procedure as they deem the surgery to be Cosmetic in nature. Having said that, Dr Snijman performs on average 3 breast reduction procedures a week and it is one of those procedures that has a very high patient satisfaction rate and is LIFE CHANGING for the majority of patients. *

    Simulation of Breast Procedures

    • Breast enlargement
    • Breast reduction
    • Mastopexy / Breast lift
    • Saline / Silicone implants *
    • Asymmetric simulations
    • Implants Revision
    • Scars
    • Breast reconstruction
    • Fat transfer


    Don’t be mistaken, this is serious surgery, performed under general anaesthesia, and takes anything from 90-120 minutes in the operating theatre, with one overnight hospital stay.

    The aim of the surgery is to:

    • 5Reduce the size of the breast mound SAFELY
    • 5Reposition and resize the nipple areola complex SAFELY
    • 5Close all of the surgical incisions SAFELY
    • 5Achieve an aesthetically and functionally pleasing result SAFELY

    This is all dependant on:

    • 5Size of the breasts
    • 5Anticipated amount of reduction
    • 5Distance that the nipple areola complex has to be moved
    • 5Nature and quality of the breast tissue
    • 5Nature and quality of the skin
    • 5Patient preparation
    • 5Patient compliance
    Dr Chris Snijman will explain how all of these factors pertain to your specific case and will tailor the surgery according to your specific boy and breast morphology.




    In most instances your surgery will follow these general guidelines:

    • 5Incision placed in the lower half of the nipple areolar complex
    • 5Limits the size of silicone implant that can be inserted
    • 5Unnecessary transgression of breast parenchyma ( increased contracture rate )
    • 5Limited exposure to the planned pocket
    • 5Changes in sensation and shape of the nipple areola complex
    • 5Contour deformity of the lower pole of the breast
    • 5Inaccurate control of the inframammary fold
    • 5Scar on the most projecting part of the breast mound
    • 5No leeway for error in scar placement
    • 5Difficult secondary surgery necessitating addition of the inframammary scar

    The Recovery Phase

    • One overnight stay in hospital
    • Drain removal the following day
    • Discharge with antibiotics and pain medication
    • Post operative visit and dressing change on Day 5
    • Initiate scar therapy on Day 5
    • Resume driving and walking on Day 5
    • 7-10 days away from work
    • No arms above the head for 7 days
    • 6 weeks away from strenuous exercise
    • Monthly post operative visits until you and Dr Snijman are satisfied.

    Remote Consultations

    We are now offering secure and confidential 3D remote consultations.

    What Can You Expect?

    • Discomfort rather than pain
    • Fatigue for the first week
    • Swelling for 3 weeks
    • Difficulty in sleeping comfortably for the first week
    • The breasts will start to settle at about 3 weeks
    • Sensation will start to return by 3 weeks
    • Wounds will be closed by 10 days and at their maximum irritability by 6 weeks
    • The breasts will assume a more natural shape and 3 months is usually a good indicator of the final result
    • Scars will mature and fade over 9 months to a year.

    Post Operative Complications & Sequelae

    • Bleeding (one or both breasts may enlarge and become extremely tender)
    • Permanent loss of sensation (nerve damage)
    • Loss of the nipple areola complex (inadequate blood supply)
    • Wound breakdown
    • Abnormal scarring
    • Asymmetry
    • Patient dissatisfaction
    * Results may vary from patient to patient. Please refer to my Disclaimer for more information.

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